About Us

AL Sharq Spices Company is Located in Fayoum, Egypt. Our competitive price is the result of our source of materials directly from the growers and manufacturers. We are able to further assure the quality of our products by processing and packaging in our facility according to Good Manufacturing Practices. We utilize stringent quality control in our material handling procedures to assure that any impurities are removed. Unlike some other companies, we mill and sift the items presented in our extensive selection of herbs, spices, Seeds.

Welcome to AL Sharq Spices Company providing the highest quality botanicals, spices, Seeds and much more!

Our mission at Sharq Spices Company is to provide the highest quality ingredients at a competitive price. We specialize in the production and exportation of aromatic, medicinal plants, and other seeds and spices. When we searched the best market for our products of spices, seeds and herbs, we found that the best market is European Union. So we offer products comply with European Union regulations.

Our main products are : Basil / Marjoram / Parsley / Dill / Spearmint / Peppermint / Hibiscus / Oregano / Thyme / Rosemary / Sage / Fennel seeds / Caraway seeds / Anise seeds / Fenugreek / Coriander leaves / Chamomile / Lemon Grass /Calendula / Onion / Garlic , and other.


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63611 Ibshway,

Sheikh Sakhr Street,Elfayoum,Egypt.